Tick Tock by Mel Sherratt

Tuesday, May 21, 2019



In the city of Stoke, a teenage girl is murdered in the middle of the day, her lifeless body abandoned in a field behind her school.


Two days later, a young mother is abducted. She’s discovered strangled and dumped in a local park.


DS Grace Allendale and her team are brought in to investigate, but with a bold killer, no leads and nothing to connect the victims, the case seems hopeless. It’s only when a third woman is targeted that a sinister pattern emerges. A dangerous mind is behind these attacks, and Grace realises that the clock is ticking…

Can they catch the killer before another young woman dies?


When I started reading Tick Tock by Mel Sherratt  I was on NetGalley and the cover caught my eye and then I read the description and I was like "Ok, I have to read this book" I was so thankful when Avon Books UK and at Mel Sherratt approved my request.

Pause the review for a quick side note: when I decided to begin doing Confessions of a Reading Freak the system I came up with was that as I am  approved for books I keep a calendar/list of them and their release dates. My goal is to read them before they are released or at least as close to the release date as possible (see this review). The other thing I do is find the Author's Website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. So when I do post my currently reading and review can tag them. It also gives me a chance to research the book. Back to the review.

As I am about to start the book I figure out, crap this the second book in the DS Grace Allendale series. So now I feel like a jerk for requesting and being granted access to a book that someone else might have been denied to read the first book Hush, Hush. But I decide to just go on with it, I just finished a book I really didn't enjoy, I need something.

I must say bravo to Mel Sherratt. This book was so well written that it really didn't matter that I haven't read Hush, Hush (although, I would really like to read it). Ms. Sherratt was able to give you enough back story that I feel like had you read the first book you wouldn't have been like "Ok, yes I know" (we've all read those books where the first two chapters is basically a retelling of the first book). The way she wove what happened in Hush, Hush into Tick Tock felt authentic and just enough that makes you want to go back and read Hush, Hush but also doesn't make you feel like you are lost. Not sure how much my opinion counts since, I did avoid reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (mind you I  had read the other 5 books) for about 18 years, much to the dismay of my BFF, and I didn't fell like I missed out. (I did finally read it though, twice now.)

I also really enjoyed that DS Grace Allendale is a female, who yes had a love interest in the book, but she didn't need her love interest to save her, solve the crime for her, or anything like that. DS Grace Allendale is a strong female character, who despite some crazy stuff having happened to her (I need to read the first book), she is still out there. The other thing I enjoyed about this book was after the first victim is reveled you think "hmm ok we are going down this path" then the second victim happens and your like "wait, ok so that just changed my whole list of suspects." I like when books get you going on way and pull you another.

This book read a lot like Next Girl to Die by Dea Poirier (see review here) I didn't want to put the book down. If I could have not gone to work, or had to eat, sleep or shower (don't worry folks showers were taken) I could have just read the book through.

Tick Tock by Mel Sherratt I'm going to give 4/5 stars: ★★★★☆

Thank you to Avon Books UK, Mel Sherratt and Netgalley for the advanced readers copy of this amazing book. Tick Tock is available NOW!

My fearless readers, I want to come up with a more creative rating system I just need help. So if you have any ideas leave a comment below!

📗📷 owned by Avon Books UK and Mel Sherratt 

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